Who we are

Hearing Voices Network WA (HVNWA) is part of the global Hearing Voices Movement.  At HVNWA we believe in the Hearing Voices Approach developed in the 80s in response to a challenge by voice-hearer Patsy Hage to her psychiatrist Dr Professor Marius Romme. 

Dr Romme and his partner Sandra Esher, with the support of many voice hearers and allies have since pioneered research in hearing voices.

HVNWA is a resource for people living in Western Australia who hear voices and a place for the voice-hearing community to access relevant information via training, workshops and hearing voices support groups.

HVNWA brings together understanding and expertise from ‘experts by experience’ and ‘experts by profession’.

We recognise that hearing voices is a common human experience and that only a small subset of people who hear voices are distressed by the experience or content of the voices’ messages.

We deeply believe that by embracing the Hearing Voices Approach you can make sense of the voices, and move on to lead a fulfilling life.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision is a world where people who hear distressing voices have access to information and supports that enable them to have mastery over their experiences. We will realise our vision through four Key Results Areas:

  1. Supporting and growing Hearing Voices Groups to develop
  2. Raising awareness about the Hearing Voices Approach via Education, Training and Promotion
  3. Networking, partnerships and alliances
  4. Infrastructure and Resources

Our Key Principles are:

  • Accepting that hearing voices (and related experiences) are valid human experiences.
  • Respecting each person's framework of understanding and beliefs about their experiences.
  • Fostering and enabling the safety and wellbeing of all.
  • Promoting hope
  • Creating safe spaces to come to and share experiences, and network for deeper connection
  • Believing in each person's resilience and capacity to take control of their experiences and recover
  • Working collaboratively and inclusively with other services to develop knowledge and use holistic approaches to recovery.
  • Fostering and supporting self determination and self empowerment
  • Encouraging service providers, families and friends to join and connect with us as allies